Zanhorn Woodsoul

Ranger - level 9


General Description:
Half-Elf Ranger – lv 9
Stands 5’10, 140bs. Brown hair, Deep blue eyes.
Wears a Mithril Full plate with a Falchion at his side. Usually carries a bow in one hand, and a couple of quivers of arrows.
Travels with his Lynx companion, called Fury.

STR: 18
DEX: 14
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 14
CHA: 9

HP: 72
AC: 22 (9 armor, +2 dex, +1 deflect); Touch: 13; Flat: 20
INIT: +2
FORT: +8, REFLEX: +8, WILL: +7
BAB: +9, CMB: 13, CMD: 26
MELEE: +13/
RANGED: 11/6

Weapon#1: Falchion 1, Att: +14/9, Dam: 2d4+7, Crit: 15-20×2
Power Attack: Att:11/6 Dam: 2d4+11, Crit: 15-20×2

Weapon#2: Composite Longbow 1, Att: +12/7, Dam: 1d8+5, Crit: 20×3, range 110ft.
MultiShot: Att: 12(with second arrow at same hit)/7, Dan: 1d8+5 (total of 3 shots)
MultiShot + Rapid Shot: 10 (second arrow at same hit)/10/5 (total of 4 shots)

Climb: 6
Handle Animal: 6
Heal: 6
Intimidate: 3
Knowledge (dungeoneering): 7
Knowledge (geography): 10
Knowledge (history): 2
Knowledge (nature): 9
Knowledge (religion): 3
Linguistics: 1
Perception: 15
Ride: 6
Sense Motive: 5
Spellcraft: 5
Stealth: 10
Survival: 12
Swim: 7

Feats: Endurance, Armor Proficient (Light, Medium, Heavy), Deadly Aim, Improved Critical (Falchion), Manyshots, Power Attack, Quick draw, Rapid Shot, Shield Proficiency
Traits: Armor Expert, Dual Minded.

Favored Enemy: Magical Beasts (4 bonus to hit/dam), Animal (2 bonus to hit/dam).
Favored Terrains: Forest (4 to skills), Mountain (2 to skills).

Special Abilities:
- Evasion: Reflex save for half damage.
- Immune to magic sleep and +2 to saves against enchantments.
- Low-light vision.
- Animal Companion: Lynx.
- Wild Empathy: Change animal attitudes similar to dimplomacy (PFCR65)
- Swift tracker.
- Track: +5 to survival for tracking purposes.
- Woodland stride: Move at normal speed without suffering any impairments.

Lv1: Entangle, Longstrider, Resist Energy.
Lv2: Spike Growth, Wind Wall

Magical Items:
Mithril Full Plate (MW), 10500gp.
Falchion +1, 2375gp.
Composite Longbow +1, 2800gp.
Ring of Protection +1

Universal Solvent x2, 100gp.
Ioun Torch x 1, 75 gp.
Misc equip & gear.

Languages: Algandian, Elleslandic, Baquile, Visic.


My name is Zanhorn. I am a half-elf, born in a small village, within the Algadian forests.

My mom is adept hunter and one of the rare maintaining the trade in the Algandian Elves.

My father is human. He met my mother while staying in her village. Even though they were initially smitten with love, it could not last. My mother’s hearth was with nature and my father’s true love was for his research and studies. Let’s just say Mom and Dad parted ways and Dad returned to his university job in Ongus.

I thank Mom for raising me and teaching me her ways in the Algandian forests. An interesting aspect of the Elvish hunters is that we test our strength hunting the great games that lives in their forest. There are very dangerous beasts within our woods, so it’s not unusual for hunters to wear mithral full plate for the hunt. A great number of magical beast are very territorial and stand their grounds to fight, hence it makes sense to sacrifice a little stealth for some extra protection. The mithral full plate strikes a good balance between the two.

Many years later, I received a letter from my dad. He was very sick and he wanted to see me in Ongus. I cannot say much about my father because I don’t recall ever really speaking to him. But that is no reason to refuse his invitation. With my Mom’s blessing and my trusty companion Fury, a lynx I had found in the forest when he was young, we made our way towards the overpopulated city. I was a little apprehensive of the trip because family life was never a strong point of Dad. At least Mom taught me my Father’s tongue and we’ll at least be able to exchange some stories.

Upon arriving in Ongus, I found that my Dad had passed away. I guess it was faith that I would never truly spend some time with Dad. In any case, being a little curious, I stayed in Ongus for a while to try and understand his passion… What ever could possess a man to ignore his son and wife, and a chance for a good life?

Dad was friends with Cornelius von Thüringen who is leader of the Society for the Advancement of Archeology and Recovery and Preservation of Historical Artifacts (S.A.A.R.P.H.A) (aka “The Spades”). When Cornelius found out that my father had died and that I was in town, he took me in as a member of the Society.

Zanhorn Woodsoul

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