Eminent scholar struggling with dementia


«I know dragons with feet like rabbits, ‘tis true I swear!»


Thermidor Voltan is the longuest running member of the Spades, going back to 939, when he debuted as an understudy to one of the society founders. Rather shy, he mostly kept to himself which slowed his progression in the organisation as he did not build a social network to further his career. Fortunatly, once he was promoted to the post of librarian, his studious nature and encyclopedic memory allowed him to shine and be recognized by the others, including an ambitious colleague named Cornelius. Thermidor eventualy rose to the rank of senior partner with Cornelius help where he established himself as a luminary in the domain of pre-Selentine civilizations.

A couple of years ago Thermidor suffered a stroke and has since then showing increasing symptoms of dementia. At first the symptoms where quite benign, and he would confuse a legend or lore with actual history facts but nowadays they can be quite severe at time. On a bad day he will think he is one historic figure of the past, such as a king or a legendary hero. Buried behind his psychosis all his knowledge of ancient history still remains and those patient enough can still access it if they are willing to play along his delirium. His dementia as also gradually nipped away at his inhibitions, the «new» Thermidor is rather quite extraverted.

Because of his condition, there has been talk to dismiss him of the senior partner seat but Cornelius has been successful so far in squelching any attempts to do so.


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