Hayyān ibn Jābir

Tahashim Scion Exiled with the Infidels


Level 9 Human (Tahashim) Alchemist (Mindchemist)

Str: 8
Dex: 14
Con: 12
Int: 20
Wis: 12
Cha: 12


  • 4: Int
  • 8: Dex

BAB +7/+2; Base Saves: +7/+7/+3; hp: 59

AC: 18 (Armour +4, Dex +2, Natural +1, Deflection +1)
Light Crossbow: +9 (1d8 + 1)

Class Features:
Cognatogen, Perfect Recall, Poison Resistance (+6), Swift Poisoning
Bombs: 14/day: +7, 5d6 + 5, 10 splash (DC 19)
Extracts per day: 7/5/4

  • 2: Infusion
  • 3rd-level feat: Precise Bombs
  • 4: Explosive Bombs
  • 5th-level feat: Concentrate Poison
  • 6: Concussive Bombs
  • 8: Combine Extract
  • 9th-level feat: Tanglefoot Bomb


  • Human: Fast Learner
  • 1: Point-Blank Shot
  • Bonus: Brew Potion
  • Bonus: Throw Anything (this also grants +int damage on thrown splash weapons)
  • 3: Extra Discovery
  • 5: Extra Discovery
  • 7: Leadership
  • 9: Extra Discovery

Opalarian, Nascérine, Bakkatune, Étyahbehyely, Elleslandic, Lughwyd, Visic

Acrobatics: + 2
Appraise: + 15
Bluff: + 1
Climb: -1
Craft (Alchemy): + 26
Diplomacy: + 1
Disable Device: + 14 (+2)
Disguise: + 1
Escape Artist: + 2
Fly: + 7
Handle Animal: + 1
Heal: + 5
Intimidate: + 1
Knowledge (Arcana): + 21
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): + 12
Knowledge (Engineering): + 11
Knowledge (Geography): + 11
Knowledge (History): + 17
Knowledge (Local): + 11
Knowledge (Nature): + 21
Knowledge (Nobility): + 11
Knowledge (Planes): + 12
Knowledge (Religion): + 11
Linguistics: + 10
Perception: + 13
Perform: + 1
Profession (Herbalist): + 9
Profession (Anatomist): + 9
Ride: + 2
Sense Motive: + 1
Sleight of Hand: + 10
Spellcraft: + 13
Stealth: + 2
Survival: + 9
Swim: – 1
Use Magic Device: + 5



Hayyān ibn Jābir knew he had led a charmed life. Much weaker than his older brothers, had he been born a commoner, he might have been cast aside to become some sort of street rat. Thankfully, his father was the great emir Jābir, a powerful and family-loving man. So, Hayyān had received the best education the sheikh’s money could buy and, following that, a position in a respected school. On top of all these blessings, he had the honour of advising his father on those few occasions where his academic knowledge could be of use.

The young prince wouldn’t have changed a thing in the world, but, alas, winds do not blow as the ships wish. When Sheikh Jābir fell ill, Hayyān’s three brothers flocked to his side and immediately began to scheme and try to curry their father’s favour. As a fourth son, and an intellectual at that, Hayyān originally assumed he would be well out of harm’s way, but he knew enough of history to know what would follow after Abdullah, second born, casually asked him whether he had any arsenic on hand “to deal with an inflammation of a private nature.”

After asking his own bodyguard to keep an eye over his father, Hayyān used whatever influence afforded him by his family name to secure an appointment in the trade enclave furthest from home until the dust settled at home. For a long time after arriving in the Ongus, capital of the nation of infidels known as Albony, Hayyān thought his intellectual life was over. These barbarians and, to a certain extent, his local compatriots cared far more for gold than for knowledge. The few alchemists he met in the course of his duties were just as bad, seeking only the philosopher’s stone. Finally, after some time, just when Hayyān was seriously considering taking a chance and returning home before matters were resolved, God willing with his father’s recovery, he met Thermidor who, in one of his lucid moments, introduced him the Society for the Advancement of Archaeology and Recovery and Preservation of Historical Artifacts.

Now, whenever his duties at the enclave allow it, Hayyān joins in the society’s expeditions and, although his physical weakness can still prove an obstacle when things take a turn for the physical, he believes he’s become quite valued for the versatility he brings to any excursion he joins.

Hayyān ibn Jābir

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