Dwarven trap expert and planar explorer


«In a perilous emergency, think with your legs!»


Gilgur Gimkrak is the Spades’ resident dungeoneer. A seasoned adventurer and adept crossbowman, he has participated in a great many expeditions for the organisation and has each time he has come back alive to tell the tale… sometimes as the sole survivor. Well-versed in the art of building, disarming and escaping traps, he gives lectures to would-be adventurers on the common traps seen in tombs and dungeons. He cares little for the scholarly endeavour of the organisation, rather relishing the challenges that come from that line of work and the opportunities to acquire gems. Through his many year of adventuring he acquired a large collection and will gladly relate the story behind each of his precious stones with minimum prompting.

Gilgur changes the subject whenever he is asked where he is from. Gilgur has some knowledge of planar travel and because of this there is some speculation that he is not originally from this world. In any case, he often used this knowledge to escape certain death.

Fun fact: his dwarvish name translates to «Roasted Boar, Happy Fortress».


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