The Spades

Notes from Riku's diary: July 10th, 994

The siege had paused for some unknown reason over the evening. Taking this good fortune the party had a few hours to relax and prepare more effectively than they might of. Without the spells needed or prepared, an evening attack was put on hold until the morning. Cordell did his best to shore up the wall with a wall of stone, but the cleric didn’t hold out much hope that he’s only slightly delayed the walls collapse.

Morning saw the catapults sitting quietly and then resume their firing a few hours later. As expected the wall did breach, but no attack followed. Riku convinced the Abbot to attempt to talk with the enemy forces to gather either some intelligence or convince them they were sorely mistaken in their siege of the the abbey. The Abbot agreed and they hailed the forces and a meeting was attended halfway between the two sides. Cordell and Riku attended dressed as monks along with the abbey’s third in command. The meeting did stop the fighting for a brief while and left them convinced that the enemy were pretty determined that the monks had items of great value.

Seizing the meeting as a good distraction Hayyan slipped out and under cover of various magics was able to disable one of the catapults and was almost successful in taking down the other. He returned safely and later in the early evening Cordell was able to empower Riku with divine magic and he flew up off into the night and unleashed a stream of fireballs at the tents and fires of the enemy. Hoping to kill some, maim others and create general chaos among the enemy force. This was in tandem with a summoned air elemental who also wreaked havoc in the opposing camp.

With the rising sun the next morning the party watched from the walls of the abbey as the enemy broke camp and began to pull back. It was unclear exactly how much damage they’d done, but it seemed to be enough to cause them to think about the heavy price they’d have to pay to continue their attack.

Hearts fell about fifteen minutes later as the troops were leaving the field and were met by spiders under the command of a drider and another mysterious figure who came from the woods. They seemed to talk, and the now combined forces began to set-up camp again. It seemed that the siege was going to continue and things were looking a whole lot worse after a very brief moment of hope was dashed before them.

Riku was standing next to Cordell and the pair of them watched the events unfolding from one of the towers. “Shit, I’m guessing you didn’t see this coming. I’m also guessing you don’t have a “Protection from Spiders” spell prepared either?”
The cleric grimaced and pursed his lips before replying, “What do you think? This is also something I didn’t see coming…we are again in an even worse situation. It seems I will be doing more praying than usual. I can’t say if their is much divine help with spiders as a general rule, but I will see what I can do.”

The two of them watched the enemy now set the tents back up that they’d only just taken down and they both sighed.


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