The Spades

At the abbey's doors

The dust started to settle down, charred corpses here and there enhancing the smell of burned flesh in the court yard made the moment last longer than it really was. Then, slowly the realization of want was happening got through; the soldiers were running away in all directions for their lives. Not a moment too soon.

Kneeling, putting the head of his war hammer down, putting both his hands on the handle, bending his head silent relief, Cordell made a silent prayer to Tamor for her divine help and support in this battle for life and justice.

Remembering the events of the last few hours, coming into the abbey, establishing contact with the monks, investigating the siege and offering the groups help and support. Finally succeeding to sabotage the catapult and making the army retire was small and quick victory. When the drider and her spider infestation came and rallied the troops, organizing another siege effort, the monk’s spirit and hope were dwindling down rapidly. The group when and tried to eliminate as much as possible soldiers of the army in an attempt of raiding one of their position. The raid was not successful and triggered the attack on the monastery. Many monks failed to swarms of spider and fireball from the drider arcane power. But again, the group prevailed by a thread and was able to push back the spiders only to be almost overrun by the human soldiers. Ramming the abbey’s doors, their cavalry charging inside made progress but when we though the day was close to a win, elite troops came in. These fighters where coordinated, fast and deadly. Cordell’s healing power and the monk’s wand save the life of Kalim and Balazar while Hayyan bombs and Zanhorn arrows where sizzling and leaving their mark. Both Kalim and Balanzar where busy defending the abbey’s wall and killing everything that moved while Riku support them as much as he could.
The sounds of rolling fireballs and ghostly spirits from the grave put the final nail into the enemies coffin, and they fled. The reinforcement that the monk’s requested had arrived to repel the invading army and give us the needed final support and strike we were seeking to win the day.

Thanks to the power granted me by my faith, my companions and I are still alive and will fight another day. Now is time to heal our wounds and rest before the next league of our mission…

Elthon, eîdon, eniksa.


Korut_Zelva Fran_Horace

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