The Spades HQ

The Spades HQ is located in Ongus, Albonie’s capital. At 45000 habitant, Ongus is one of the largest city of the northern hemisphere and an important center of commerce and trade.

The Spades HQ is located close to the center of the city, in a old restored keep dating the Selentine Empire occupation of the Ellesland’s Isle. The keep having no military value, was ceded by Royal Decree to the Spades who proceeded to its restoration and preservation. The keep was large enough to the group’s need and conviently situated down the street to the Royal University of Ongus.

As a full-fledged member, the organization has provided you with a small private room with one bed, a drawer and a chamber pot in the corner. Maids take care of cleaning your room and washing your laundry. While you do not have your private office (a privilege reserved to the senior members) but you do have unrestricted to the salon and restricted access to the library. The dining room is a common area where the kitchen operates 24h/7 and can take requests as long as they are reasonable (Pork sausage, Seasonal Fruit, Pie, Mead = Yes | Beef, Quail, Expensive Wine = no). The group does not bill you anything for the use of the facilities but donations are appreciated. Many of members are independent of wealth and, as such, choose to get their own, more luxurious, accommodation outside of the facility. As the group does not pay any salaries, members with lesser means have to work as professor at the University on the side if they want to have additional disposable income. Less scrupulous members might sell recovered artefact on the black-market… This is done at their own risk however as a member caught red-handed doing this would be immediatly expelled.

The Spades’ library is surprisingly small for such a scholarly group. The reason for this is that every single tome contained has some historical significance from being extremely rare or the work’s original copy. True to the group’s goal of the dissimination of knowledge, selected scribes are allowed to come on-site to create copies, a long and meticulous endeavor. For more common books, the Royal University of Ongus can fill a member’s need. If you are too lazy to walk all the way to the University, an errand boy is available go fetch a book you would require on your behalf.

The fortified nature of the HQ is handy to protect the large number of priceless artifact in the Spades’ custody. The group prefers to rely of magical seal and trap as it allows the items a measure of accessibility to the public. On a normal day, the exposition hall can be visited for a small donation (2pg) to the group treasury. Once a year, on the first of April, the hall is open free of charge to visit, a small group at a time. The event is a very stressfull time for the Spades’ brass, that requires a lot of preparation. In addition of the academic value of such an event it is hoped by the Spades leadership that making their work more accesible will help dispel any misconceptions about the groups’ activity.

The Spades HQ

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