Quid Pro Quo

Prospective Wealth: Low
Potential historical relevance: Variable
Danger: High

«See these archmages types are not like you and me, they don’t find pleasure in the simple things in life.»

Dukas had invited you to his country villa. This is where the gnome retreated to relax. For a normal man the ‘simple things in life’ would have been a good meal, a long walk to enjoy fresh air or reading a book under a tree, apparently for Dukas it meant drinking a ridiculously expensive wine riding on Sultan, his pet elephant. While it was not your cup of tea yourself, the experience was novel at least. The canopied howdah offered shade and a confortable means of transportation if you ignored the stench of the elephant underneath.

«No their taste in entertainment is much more peculiar. Once a year, they gather in Kalugen’s Keep to see their champions contest in the Battlepits. Teams of daring adventurers are sent down into the labyrinths that lie beneath the tundra, each searching for the Emblem of Victory that will win power for their patron. The archmages gamble substantial amount of their wealth and estates on the outcomes of these ‘games’.»

Dukas leaned forward continuing his presentation:

«Now why should you care about any of this you might ask? Well a business acquaintance of mine, the Archmage Balthazar has lost a great deal in the previous contests. If he doesn’t win the next event, he’s done for.»

The gnome took a sip of wine before continuing:

«Now here’s the interesting part, he’s heard of you and the perils of you have bested in your pursuit of knowledge. He asked me to intercede on his behalf and convince you to act as his champion for the Battlepits. Before you say no, consider this: this Balthazar fellow, he’s what you might call a polymath. A brilliant man blessed with an encyclopedic memory… If the tielfing doesn’t know the answer to something, nobody knows the answer. If you agree to help him, he’s willing to help you on your research endeavors. Any topic.»

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Quid Pro Quo

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