Polyglot trailblazer


«It belongs in a museum!»


The Spades’ operations often needs cooperation of the local population to locate archeological sites and offer logistical support of the group’s activities. The «exploration» of one’s ancestor tombs being a rather touchy subject, the job requires a particularly daft diplomat. Luckily, Sigismund is just the man for the job. From his many years spent on the road as an adventurer, Sigismund became familiar with most known dialect and etiquette. Charismatic and polyglot, the ranger handles the often tortuous negotiation with the natives. His other responsibilities includes trailblazing and handling the logistics and defense of the group’s temporary bases. The ranger’s services are sometimes required to track down the theft of a precious artefact. While his service with the Spades does satisfy his own curiosity, Sigismund is an idealist at heart. The man joined the group as a way to further the common good.

Sigismund wields a talking longsword of great power named Aeofel. Aeofel originally was long-time adventuring companion of Sigismund, who fell victim to a trap during the exploration of Amenhotep’s Tomb, a Kaïkuhuru Pharaoh. Using some kind of fey magic, the elf transferred his soul to his friend’s sword moments before his body was crushed and liquefied. Under this new form, Aeofel continues to serve his bestfriend faithfully. However, he isn’t too thrilled about Sigismund’s recent engagement with his sister!


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