Gnome financier, philantropist and collector


«What’s worth doing is worth doing for money.»


Dukas is the principal financier of the Spades and with this comes a certain sense of entitlement that the organisation is his thing. Dukas has been pushing for a long time for the Spades to better «monetize» their operations. Archeological research cost a pretty penny but the group shun selling precious artefacts, limiting them in their ability to turn a profit or even recoup their investments. This means the gnome has to dig in his pockets more often than he’d like. Being a senior partner does have its perks thought and Dukas makes sure to make the most of it. An avid hunter, Dukas will indulge in extravagant safari expeditions at the group expenses. Furthermore, when the Spades do decide to sell some of their recovered treasures, Dukas has first dibs before it is offered to other collectors. This allows him to get his hand on some coveted item at a discount since it undercut any possibility of a bidding war. Because of this particular privilege, the gnome managed to gather one of the most prestigious privately owned antique collections of the western world.

The gnome represents possibly the only challenge to the leadership of Cornelius. Dukas and Gilgur mercantile interest meet, making them natural allies but they are out-voted by Cornelius’ clique, therefore limiting their influence in the overall direction of the organisation. Dukas has been lobbying to replace Thermidor due to his senility, but so far his efforts have not barren fruits.

Dukas is a friend of Gustavus (Brocc’s adoptive father) but sided with Cornelius when the two fought for the coveted spot of senior partner many years ago. They did not speak to one another for a long time but Gustavus has since forgiven him and the two have resumed their friendship.


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