Conservator and de facto leader of «the Spades»


«There is some self-interest behind every friendship. There is no friendship without self-interests. This is a bitter truth.»


Second longest running member of the Spades after Thermidor, Cornelius von Thüringen is a tireless self-promoter who schemed and bullied his way to the top of the organisation. A wizard of some renown, he oversees the vast collection of priceless artifacts in the society’s custody. Cornelius maintains his de facto control on the organisation via his alliance with Sigismund and Thermidor, his long-time friend. Hailing from a minor aristocratic family of Chaubrie, he still carries himself with the manners and demeanor of someone of his social class even if his scholarly pursuit removed him from court life for most of his adult life.

Twenty years ago Cornelius entered a struggle with Gustavus (Brocc’s adoptive father) over a newly opened spot of senior partner. Cornelius clinched the spot edging Gustavus, who was seen as the next in line for the position. Defeated and dejected, Gustavus promptly resigned in disgust and took on a job as a professor at the University of Ferromaine. Gustavus still has some friends in the organisation but a great many of them have been subsequently purged or moved to lesser roles at Cornelius’ impetus.

Young novices rapidly learn not to refer to the organization as the Spades in his presence. He takes the derogatory nature of the nickname to heart and the culprit will have to suffer a long harange that they will not soon forget.


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