Cordell Verdesdera

de fide et officio iudicis non recipitur quaestio



Young cleric but experienced. He is of the true faith and as such will support and help people in need of his talent. Armed with his hammer of justice, protectec with his chain of conviction, his immoveable will and righteousness have served him so far and should again and again.

Pray the lord, mighty amoung mighty for the strenght of my arm never fails, neve surrender and that I have the will to help my friends throught anmy challenge granted by my missions. May the lord judge The.

de fide et officio iudicis non recipitur quaestio.


Why one such as me joined the spades? well is it a good retorical question. First, when I was adventuring I meet lots of people, good and bad, some worst but at the end it was them or me. I killed many but a few of them got me… My faith and power of healing are the only reasons I am still alive today from those encounters.

But two of them marked me most than the others,the first was with a priest of Sélentine, we argued many days and much more again on the true aspect of the True Faith. This encounter ended with no winner but two ready to find proof their view is the best.

The second encounter was with a priest of the Tahashim, what a waste of carbon these are… There was no negociation, no opening to understand the others in their beliefs. You are nto Tahashim, you are nothing… We soon went to who was stronger and I was fortunate enought to be victorious… But this opened myself to another belief that will stop at nothing to convert anyone to their belief.

Because of these two encounter, I believe I had a vision from my God, which guided me to the group called the Spades. With this group, I understood that I had the opportunity solve both my encounters. If I find irrefutable proof that the Tamor’s church is the most true to the teachings of Gatanades, then my opponent from Sélentine will be vainquish. If I can find artifacts of the True Faith against the Tahashim or find and destroyed artifact of theirs, then my faith will live longer and forever, as always, this is True Faith…

Dis ducibus.

Cordell Verdesdera

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