The Spades

Plowshares to swords

As lovely as the previous day had been, the next day was hellish. Riku woke to the sound of rain which ended as the sun rose, but left behind a dank, humid overcast day. It was days like this that he hated most. For the kobold however, it was ideal for it was not possible to train under direct sunlight.

Looking over to the small chair where he now spotlessly clean armor sat he debated putting it on, but thought better of it. It would be nice to have it tidy for a least one day he thought to himself. The kobold attendants came to bring him to eat, but he waved them off and headed for the spot he’d chosen to run his drills.

Arriving at a little plateau overlooking Çata, he looked around and used his boots to kick the larger stones out of the way, clearing as much of space as smoothly as he could manage. Almost finished he looked down to see Cordell leading what would be the members of his unit up to join him on the plateau. The cleric towered over the kobolds and seemed not to be bothered by the oppressive heat and humid conditions. For whatever reason, Cordell seemed much more at easy among the kobolds. Riku had only ever fought them, and they’d been a hellish enemy. Kobolds were cunning and had to use tactics and numbers to make up for their lack of size. It also hadn’t helped that they were generally under the sway of a more powerful humanoid race, he shuddered as he remember the effectiveness with which the Goblin Mages had used them. But these weren’t normal kobolds, they behaved unlike any he’d ever run across and his negative past as adversely affected his present and he had to force the negati ve thoughts from his mind.

As for a training a smaller race Riku had only trained with a small company of Halfling slingers. That had been easy, Ongus’ Halflings shared a language and were a friendly, if not overly friendly race. The slingers had been easy to train and easy to lead, but these kobolds were a unknown and Riku just didn’t know where this was going to go.

Cordell took a moment to ask Riku what he wanted to do and after about a minute of talking between themselves Cordell addressed the kobolds who’d gathered before them. He explained in their native tongue what Riku intended to do and then the cleric hurried off to act as a translator for the other groups in training before his spell expired.

Now left alone in the square with the kobolds roughly drawn up into a semblance of a formation Riku began to run through the first couple of his drills. It was a lot of starting and stopping with Riku swearing and using a lot of pantomiming to get his points across. What had begun roughly and crudely, began to work smoothly – and within an hour and a half the kobolds had it down. By the end of the day they were able to work through three of the drills with the practiced look of a veteran squad.

Riku now covered in sweat smiled slightly to himself, as they headed in as the sky grew dark above them. He didn’t know how the others had fared, but given a couple of weeks, he’d be worried for first foes they fought.


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