The Spades

Once more unto the breach...

The word had come down that the group was to leave and this meant that Riku would have to be properly outfitted. He had everything he owned with him and it wasn’t a lot. Some he’d leave behind as exploring a swamp and a tomb would require items other than those he happened to have. Riku had spent enough time as a soldier to know how to pack quickly and with proper attention paid to the little things. It always seemed to be the little things that could save a life or make a bad situation a little bit better.

The ranger Zanhorn seemed to know what he was doing, but Riku wondered about the full plate suit the man wore. He’d be easy enough to follow with the silvery glint coming off the armour, and Riku was waiting to see how Zanhorn handled himself outside of a city. Rangers talked a good game most of the time and pumped the tales of their exploits plumper than they needed to be. The problem was knowing where to poke holes in their stories. Riku figured himself a very smart man, but he’d spent little time in the forest and even less time by himself in conditions that would require him searching about for his own food.

He’d twice been let down by the claims rangers had made and both times it had resulted in people getting killed, but that was durning wartime and different rules govern things when nations are at war. In Zanhorn’s case he’d said and done all the right things and armour choice aside, Riku was going to count on the ranger’s skill and deal harshly if disapointed a third time.

A long afternoon shopping trip provided Riku with all the additional gear he needed and it got loaded into his pack. Knowing that he’d done what he needed brought Riku a sense of calm and he relaxed with the stress of the unknown fading away. Being prepared was the best defense again stress, and less stress was always better than more stress. Someone downstairs shouted up that it was time to go and Riku shouldered the pack and belted his sword and headed down.


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