The Spades

First struggle

Pathei Mathos, friends.

I bear witness to this epic struggle where ambushed by a stone giant and several elementals, my companions of adventure and I faced a great challenge with all our strength and abilities. The combat lasted long and was deadly.

Looking afterward at the lifeless bodies of Balazarius, with muscles and body crushed by large element hands of rock; Zanhorn, the ranger in a full plate which didn’t save him from the inevitable crushing despair of hammer hands crushing his body like a twig between the hammer and the anvil. Latest is Kalim, the trusted friend and body of Hayyan, pound down two times before finally reluctantly welcoming death by the stone giant. Kyrie eléèson companions.

I found myself is a strange struggle, although I am trying desperately to prove that the True Faith is the one true good, my companion Hayyan and I have survive an ordeal of faith and skills after most of our companions have met their faith. I think we have come to an unspoken understanding of each other and will build a good relationship and opposed our religious views in a friendly competitive way. I foud myself hoping we will in the future become more than adventuring companions.

Well, we are far from this tunnel now, and I have witness the return to life of my dead companions. I am pleased that our group sacrifice did not go unnoticed and we have been rewarded beyond any material means. Faith is a powerful tool and help bringing the light to everyone – Fiat Lux…

Pathei mathos, friends.


Korut_Zelva Fran_Horace

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