The Spades

At the wrong place, at the wrong time...

Dammit, this isn’t smart and it isn’t going to end well!”, Riku spoke aloud to the abbey they’d taken refuge in. Everything in his military training spoke against joining a outmanned force against a superior enemy, but that’s just want they had gone and done.

Thankfully, most forces weren’t looking for small groups breaking in and were more concerned with much larger forces coming in to reinforce those who were besieged. Hopefully they had gotten in undetected or realizing weakness in their pickets they’d likely change up something, might not get away with that twice.

This was what he mulled over as he took off his armor and gear and laid out his bedroll. Looking around the monks seemed to know how to handle themselves, I mean living so close to such a nasty area must be good for improved martial toughness, but the relics and other perceived treasure looked to be too great a draw for the soulless idiots gathered outside the abbey walls. Riku again shook his head as having agreed to accompany the others on what could be a very ill-fated attempt at helping some historian brethren. The feeling Riku had in the pit of his stomach wasn’t the kind of thing that made it into any of the heroic tales he’d heard as a child…good thing too…he’d of seriously thought about become a candlestick maker if that had been the case.

Leaning up against the wall he brought out his spellbook and laid it in his lap. He didn’t have anything available to him like a mage might, but at least he’d been in large pitched battles more often than he’d like to think about, and he knew what to expect. That small fact comforted him a bit and he open the spellbook and began to go through his list. Whatever the outcome, some of those immoral fuckers outside were going to pay a heavy price. Riku relaxed his mind and began to memorize…


Korut_Zelva Korut_Zelva

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