The Spades

All hands on deck!

Even after being an arcane caster for as long as he’d been, Riku always got a kick out of teleportation. He knew the theory and could work out how to do it in his mind, but being able to do it in reality was another story. They’d been gathered in a empty stone-walled room and then they were somewhere else. He shook his head and smiled, they’d gone hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye…what’s not to love about that.
However, that was the only easy part of the mission, now they had to get out on the high seas.

This was as far as they could go with a teleport spell, the rest of the trip was by boat. Riku’s skills weren’t suited to dealing in obtaining passage for the party, so he stayed behind and watched over their gear. He could look fierce enough if he wanted to, and a few glares kept the curious at bay until they’d found space on a ship. Passage that far south wasn’t cheap, but he certainly didn’t want to ride or walk all that way on land. Seven to ten days was all it was going to take, at least according to the ship’s captain.

It was during the third day that Riku seriously began to question why he’d never joined the navy. He hadn’t been seasick like some of the others, and the work they were expected to do to help the slightly under-crewed ship along was hard but rewarding. He was sleeping like a rock for the first time in a long time and the sea air had cleared his head and he felt as focused had he’d been when he was a young man. The winds had been kind and they were making good time. In fact the only problem that had cropped up was Hayyan’s bodyguard/valet he’d hired shortly before they’d left the city. That fellow didn’t like Riku at all and Riku wasn’t at all fond of the icy stare the goliath fixed on him pretty much whenever he was around. For the life of him he couldn’t figure out what he’d done to incure the man’s wrath, but Riku had made a mental note that he’d save the goliath’s life last…if such a situation happened to present itself.

A shout from crow’s nest alerted those standing on deck that the end of their voyage was near. Sailors leap up from where they’d been lounging and swarmed up the rigging and began to take in the sails. It appear to Riku that they were about a half-hour from shore and it wouldn’t be very wise to run into a unmarked rock at full speed. So the captain had slowed the ship and while the vessel bled some of her speed, a group of sailor worked to lower one of the ship’s boats over the side (which was a lot harder than it looked). Soon a boat trailed the ship on a two hundred foot leader, the sails had been trimed and they were near enough that Riku could make out the branches of the various trees lining the shore. They were also near enough for the captain’s liking as he gave the order to drop the anchor. Within a minute and a half they’d had their progress arrested and were gathering their gear to load into the longboat which had been pulled up to the side of the ship.

Riku’s hair stood up on the neck, it was at a time like this where a quickly launched ambush from shore would be so effective. Catching them all at a bad time in a very bad positon, but his fear was unfounded as they made it to shore and soon stood in a pile of gear watching the boat head back to the ship. This was what they’d come for and it wasn’t going to do anyone anygood mooning over the only way back the way they’d come. Steeling himself Riku went and gathered his pack, and as much as he could carry of the other various supplies they’d brought and looked over at the others and said, “I guess it’s time to get going, eh?”


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