The Spades

A New Home...

Riku sat back on the cot in the small room he’d been assigned. He’d been out running through some old drills trying to keep himself sharp. Looking around the room it reminded him a great deal of the room he’d had as a young man, except this room was a tad bigger.

It also wasn’t in a run down row of dorms reeking of sweat and full of the chatter of noisy young soldiers. This building was far better maintained and very quiet, it was perfect. He honestly was just happy that it was dry and the rest of what this organization offered was a bonus.
Finding Hayyan was easy and he’d been nice enough that Riku was going to keep a close watch over him. How Hayyan would handle himself in combat, or merely a tight situation was currently a mystery, but Riku had been a soldier long enough to expect surprises. In any case they were going to be getting on the road and out of town soon.

He lay back on his cot and looked at his battered pack hanging on the oaken door, it was going to be time to fill it, but until then he’d rest.


Korut_Zelva Korut_Zelva

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